The “other” ingredients

Anyone eating healthy knows about reading labels and thank God for Dr Google and his search engine. This page will be mostly links to my own research on those pesky other ingredients that lurk at the end of ingredient lists. Xantham gum and Citric acid and all their friends.

All of us have to make a decision about how Real, how Whole, how Vegan, How Clean we will be. So information is key.

I found and love this easy to read and understand page about decoding labels. Thank you MariaMakesMuffins.

And another one from Food Babe about ingredients allowed in Organic Food.

Here is my first dilemma. I love bacon, bacon is processed and cured. Do I give it up forever? Find a substitute. Eat sparingly? Find the healthiest one out there? Hmmmm ….so I am looking at different bacons and I find one that is pasture raised, uncured but smoked and all of the ingredients look good except for one damn extra ingredient. Turbinado sugar. So I consult google crossing my fingers (and hoping it’s just another term for honey and sunshine?) and I find this helpful article. The good news is it’s healthier than processed white sugar and actually contains nutrients. The bad news is it’s still sugar, partially processed. So how Real am I going to be? I can try and rationalize and say it’s similar to fruit (haha) or I can keep looking for another bacon: honey-uncured-smoked option or I can learn how to cure my own or I can give up bacon forever and die a lonely cat woman who hates Christmas.