Waiting for simple

I churned my own butter today. I read about Bentonite clay baths, and 6 reasons I should be using activated charcoal. I looked up the recipe for homemade deodorant. And started the morning putting my fresh batch of bone broth in bottles. Yesterday I started dry brushing my skin and I contemplated giving up coffee.

I am considering a hot yoga class, meditation and a rebounder trampoline. I am excited about my lymphatic drain massage I scheduled for Friday (a rare day off for me.)

When I started this blog and these changes to real food and simple living I pictured me and Mike lazily swaying in a hammock watching the chickens roam and then tossing a salad together.

That day could happen but first I will need to purchase a natural fiber hammock or make one from hemp. It can’t be plastic or made in a country that treats its laborers poorly. I have to figure out how to keep the chickens roaming without roaming into my garden. And deciding if organic dried mealworms or oyster shells are better for them. I still don’t know how to water them with clean water that’s never touched plastic. And that salad was picked from a garden where new weeds spring up daily. And I can’t / don’t grow everything needed [note to self: plant lettuce next year] so I travel to two or three co-ops farmers markets or natural food stores to keep my pantry stocked and my fridge brimming with food in stainless steel and various glass bottles. And now I chop the ends off of produce and throw them in my countertop compost bin which might need to be emptied and rinsed which is an unscheduled trip to the backyard. Where I might notice an area of the garden calling for more water.

So maybe skip the hammock and just take a nap on the down pillow and natural fiber sheets that are drying in the sunshine. I won’t iron them this time but still need to figure out what kind of new bed to buy that is healthier and switch to an eco-friendly laundry soap. If I lay down to nap, undoubtedly all those new and exciting words like gelatin, arrowroot, linen, hemp seeds, lymphatic, raw, clean, coconut, BPA, knuckle bones, fair trade and I could go on and on…start twirling in my brain, making sleep impossible, and then I think maybe I need a diffuser and a calming essential oil I have never heard of. Or maybe a nice Himalayan salt lamp.

What used to take two hours a week shopping at a single store now takes about 7 or 8. And that doesn’t count the research time on products or brands. It takes time to read labels, stumble my way through unfamiliar markets which are less organized and less consistent. Some days they are out of raw milk or they just sold the last of the corn cobs. Their store hours are all over the place and I don’t have it all memorized.

And if if this sounds like complaining I am not really complaining. I like gardening and touching the soil and I get giddy when I see new shoots, new blossoms and new runners. I smile when I walk by the best and healthiest flower garden I have ever had. I enjoy the fresh pea pod or tomato or strawberry straight from the garden. I don’t enjoy turning compost and now wish I had bought a tumbler type. I don’t like doing dishes and now there are a lot more because I stopped putting food in plastic. I am committed to these changes and I will find out what works for me. It’s going to be worth it. Right?

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