After three weeks of Real Food

I honestly don’t see many more advantages after three weeks as I did after one except I am seeing food as fuel for my body. Not as a treasure or reward, guilty pleasure, addiction-worthy or as an object of worship.

When it’s lunch time, I think of what my options are and it really doesn’t matter to me which one I choose. It’s easier to stop when I am full. I still enjoy food. Last night’s spiralized beets sautéed in some ghee was like candy. My favorite afternoon snack is still dates and raw nuts.

I watch people eat their processed, sugared, carb-laden snacks and meals and I am not in the least bit interested or jealous. I am not going to get so cocky that I tempt myself with some Snyder’s hot buffalo wing pretzel pieces. But other than that I am feeling that this is a healthier way to view food.

I caught Mike reading labels on various items out of the fridge. He is starting to catch the vision.

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