Budget Schmudget

52 years old and has never followed a budget. Is that a record? Is there a prize I have earned beyond the mediocre credit score?

My financial style is like my gardening style. I call it the “Seat of my pants, figure it out as I go” method.

But now I have decided I want to buy a house. I live in my boyfriend’s house. I pay him rent and help out with living expenses. I want to buy a house for investment and tax  purposes and just in case this relationship keeps going South. Which means a decent down payment and an improved credit score.

So yesterday I put together a budget and a plan. Two prong approach. The two hardest will be putting $500 per paycheck to savings and spending no more than 300 per week on food and Amazon. And as a side note it CAN’T interfere with living simply or eating real food or eliminating plastic.

It starts with this Friday’s paycheck and I am hoping blogging about it is going to make it real for me.

Here we go. Sometime next year I am going to own a home. A home that is all mine based on my efforts, my determination and willingness to learn something new.

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  1. I have never budgeted and still do not budget. I do look at what I have left at the end of the month after being as frugal as possible though. I can kind of figure out what I can afford and what I can’t.

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  2. frugal… oh yeah I should add that to my plan.


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