Use it or Lose it (the story of the piano, the eliptical and the book collection)

Decluttering is not too difficult. A simple concept that includes getting rid of what we don’t need. Two days ago I wore a blouse to work, loved the color, loved the soft fabric but the arms are too damn small. The sleeves dug in to my arm and I wore it all day.  I came home and thought “my arms hurt” and then the lightbulb moment, “I don’t ever have to wear this blouse again or I need to schedule some serious liposuction right now.” I took the blouse off and threw it in one of the goodwill boxes I am quickly filling. This is one of the easy choices.

Some choices are harder. The piano in my living room I sometimes play, the elliptical in my extra room I sometimes use, the collection of books (most of them read) and impressive to those who appreciate good books.

But a term I find myself repeating nowadays is “Dorothy, use it or lose it!” Yes I talk to myself often.

Hey there Mr Elliptical, use you or lose you? Hmmmm… I feel good after a turn on you. You are easy on the old joints. But let’s face it, you are boring. I don’t use you often. I would rather raise my activity level outside in my garden or finish some household projects that involve huffing and puffing. This winter if you aren’t there I might join that yoga class I have thinking about. Out you go!

Oh Ms Piano. I hated piano lessons when I was six. I didn’t practice as often as I should. I wish I was a great piano player that could play by ear or at least site read. I enjoy the therapy of sitting down and slowing down and butchering some piece of music I own. Use you or lose you? Okay this gets Real because you were a present from my mother (expensive present from a woman who couldn’t afford to give expensive presents.) You get one more chance to fill my life with music and therapy which my mother recognized I needed. I will sign up for 90 days of lessons. I will practice (or not) and then at 90 days I will re-evaluate. I will use you and love it or will give you to someone who does. I have already started searching for a piano teacher.

And my lovely friends known as ‘the book collection’. Oh, you and your magical pages and your wisdom and inspiration.  Your time-traveling, mind-bending, reality-altering super powers. I love you. Some of you have changed my life. Some of you had me laughing out loud. Some of gave me insights to who I am. Some of you gave me courage to go on. Some of you gave me insights to who I am not!

Use you or lose you? I pick you up and personally examine each one of you with an empty box beside me. I love the classics but some of you “sucked”, sorry Herman and Charles. Moby Dick and Great Expectations go in the box. Some of you were a good read one time. Someone else can find you now and enjoy you. Count of Monte Christo, Cold Mountain, Anna Karenina and Robinson Crusoe are said goodbye to. I think about the five books I would take to a deserted island and I keep you, even though your back is broken, your cover torn and your pages worn (and sometimes with a smudge of chocolate?) Les Miserables, Gone With the Wind, Princess Bride, A Time to Kill and Book of Mormon are safe on my shelf.

And whoa! Who are you lovelies? Books I bought but never got around to reading? Oh I forgot about you. How did that happen? You, I keep, and one of you gets placed on my nightstand right now. I can’t wait until later tonight to introduce myself.

And that’s how it’s done for me. I will keep talking to myself and various inanimate objects until the clutter is gone and what is left is enjoyed and appreciated and never neglected.

And let’s get honest here. Mike, my very animate boyfriend of more than 18 months… what do I do with you? Some things are really working, some things are not. I am not ready to make that choice right now so that one goes in the undecided column. I am okay to borrow some wisdom from Old Dominion:

If it’s love, if it ain’t, if it’s only the drinks
And it just hangs around ’til we’re sober
It is what it is ’til it was what it was
Let it do what it does ’til it’s over…


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  1. Jen says:

    I worked in the kitchen today .. you have Mike in the undecided column and I have a French rolling pin!

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