And then you read up on plastics

I consider myself an intelligent woman. Or at least I did until yesterday.

As I checked out new websites about living and eating well I ran across a list of videos I should check out. Eager to jump in and learn more I chose one called Plastic Planet. It might be available on Netflix but I was able to find a YouTube version. It was over an hour long and included subtitles.

An hour later and I was slightly in shock about how much I didn’t know. More research led me to more websites about choosing to live without plastics. Here is a good one. 100 steps to a plastic free life.

And the rest of the day everywhere I turned there was plastic. My carefully chosen real food lunch was packed in plastic storage containers and I was prepared to eat it with plastic silverware. My 5 ingredient loaf of bread was in a plastic sleeve. I was drinking Fiji water out of a plastic bottle.

My new vegetable spiralizer is plastic. The little containers I received today (to mix my cold expeller organic coconut oil with my organic unrefined shea butter to make my own real lotion) are plastic. The real raw (awesomely delicious) milk comes in plastic. My grass fed beef comes delivered to my home vacuum-sealed in plastic. My whole wheat pasta is stored in plastic canisters.

I can feel the toxic, demonic molecules of plastic coursing through my body… okay maybe that went a tiny bit overboard…

I am feeling overwhelmed right now. I am not giving in, just regrouping to combat this next phase. I am learning that plastic comes in different grades. The best grade seems to be safest for one time use. The featured image of this post is the symbol found on the bottoms of containers with the safest grade of plastic.

I am researching glass and metal storage containers. I found out you can get bamboo toothbrushes and utensils. I am reading the conflicting reports on silicon. I bought a stainless steel water bottle. I am researching the best cookware out there and am dismayed that so much of it is made in China. Did you know some people take canvas or cotton bags to the store to avoid using bread sacks, produce bags and bulk food plastic bags?

Once again real simple living just took a turn to the not so simple.

I am undeterred. A year from now I am going to see a dramatic decrease in plastic in my house… stay tuned.

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