Why I will always blog for free

I have a good paying full time job. I am blessed to make enough money to eat good and Real Food and to garden and to spoil my grandkids just a little bit.

I don’t need or want a second job or to change careers so I will never be paid to blog or sponsor or add ads or review products. Hats off to all those bloggers out there that are making a living doing just that, but it will never be me.

I enjoy writing, I am passionate about healthy eating and I love being creative in the kitchen but I have no inclination whatsoever to sell cookbooks or meal ideas. I will give my opinions freely but am not an expert in nutrition or medicine so can only be someone to bounce ideas off of.

So why am I here? Why am I adding my small, part-time voice to a world that is already full of advice and recipes? A couple of reasons. It’s cheaper than seeing a therapist weekly. It’s a place I can join others in speaking out for better labeling, no GMO’s, raising healthier kids, getting down to Nuts and Bolts simple living and loving. It’s about building a network of friends that think like me about things that matter to me. It’s an opportunity for me to stay mindful of my passions and my direction.

I blog for me. I journal for me. It seems arrogant to even say this with my two followers and a couple of likes and comments. But if I am always my biggest fan I am okay with that. I blog for me. I blog for free. And I will keep doing it as long as it suits my idea of simple living.

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