Real Food and simple living leads to what?

Why do I choose to eat Real Food and seek a Real and Simple Life?

Why do you eat Vegan or Keto? Why do you meditate or do Yoga?

We choose what is right for us, what sounds right and what makes the most sense at the moment from the best information we have. But at the backs of our minds we have hopes or goals or even fantasies about what will be achieved by eating a certain way or living a certain way. Here are mine:

Realistic Goals

  • Less trips to the doctor
  • Less sickness
  • Weight loss
  • Maintain healthy weight range
  • Clear Skin
  • More energy to do the things I like to do
  • Be an example to those I love
  • Self confidence will soar
  • Save a gazillion dollars on Amazon purchases because I will find the day when I absolutely have everything I need and realize everything I need can’t be bought

Unrealistic fantasies

  • Look 29 again (minus the weight)
  • Have so much energy I can’t help but want to exercise all the time
  • The extra energy at work will lead to a huge promotion, bigger office, better benefits
  • The loose skin from weight loss will just disappear
  • The Food industry and government will cave to “the movement” and label Food properly, police Organic claims properly, Improve school lunch programs to include Real Food, end fraud in false Olive Oil, seafood and other Organic claims.
  • GMO’s will disappear because no one will want them anymore
  • My boyfriend who is very skeptical about marriage will change his mind, realize he can’t live without me and propose

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