After one week of eating Real Food

It’s been more than a week since I started eating Real Food. Most of my cupboards have been cleaned and purged of citric acid (it’s everywhere) and xantham gum. In the process I found out how to make small food donations to the local food bank.

Besides the clean and almost empty shelves, here are a few things I have noticed.

  • A decrease in my arthritis. I have been living with stiff knees and fingers for years now. I realized this morning the stiffness and pain level has decreased significantly.
  • A receding muffin top and better fitting clothes. I haven’t braved the scales yet but I have noticed my jeans fit better.
  • My cravings have gone way down. I think the food is more filling and satisfying.
  • My rosacea is significantly diminished. This is a huge thing for me. The damn redness started in my forties and I have tried everything to get rid of it. Everything you read says no cure. I hope this isn’t a fluke, fingers crossed.

I am continuing into week two more confident than ever that this is the right direction. Today my Amazon deliveries will include my vegetable spiralizer (last week I didn’t even know I needed one) and some natural makeup and perfume. Yesterdays box contained two jars of mayo made with avocado oil.

Disclaimer: I wasn’t perfect this week either. My food was probably 99% Real…but…I drank too much a couple of nights and there may have been some cinnamon whiskey involved (laden with sugar and who knows what!)

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