How I am solving the 2 pm cravings

I’ve worked in an office environment most of my adult life.  I have been on most every diet or lifestyle change program you can imagine and a recurring theme is how to handle the 2 pm cravings that happen daily.  It doesn’t matter if I eat lunch at 11:30 or at 1:30.  Around 2 pm, sometime 3 I get cravings for…anything…

If I give in to a craving for chips it will lead to wanting something sweet.  If I give into a craving of cookies it will lead to wanting something salty a little later.  I get that it is a probably a carb addiction thing or maybe just a long time habit but the fact remains I need to avoid unhealthy carbs at this time of day and the only way to do that is to give my body something filling and satisfying.

The best Real Food 2 pm snack I have found so far is to eat 3 Organic Medjool Dates .  They are Real food, they are good for you and they are decadent tasting and so satisfying.  I picked the number three after I read this article on dates. Today I was looking forward to the afternoon and pulling out three dates to enjoy.  And now I am full. I’m not craving chips or cookies.

I am also thinking with as sweet as these are I can possibly figure out a way to use them as a sweetener in recipes but that is an experiment for another day.

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