Collections and living simply

Are we all collectors?  It seems so. We humans like our collections of jigsaw puzzles, books, bottles of various sizes, picture frames, photographs, family newsletters, coffee mugs, ex-husbands, kitchen gadgets, clothes that don’t fit. That is my list. I know others that collect Facebook friends, miniature tea sets, decorative chickens, mounted animals (think taxidermy), shot glasses, dolls, magnets, angels and the lists go on and on and on…

I started looking at my books today. I have a modest collection, maybe upwards of 200. And I started thinking how many of these books do I absolutely know I will never read again?  Why do I move them from home to new home? What purpose do they serve? One day, an interesting visitor, might by chance say…”hey, you’ve read Moby Dick?” What a sad and boring conversation would follow.  But, if the book is no longer on my shelf then that same interesting someday visitor might ask a different question which leads to self-discovery or sparks the idea for an invention that changes the world.  It could happen that way. Eventually I will be down to a single bookshelf from three and then maybe from there get rid of all but the 3-5 books I would take to a desert island.

So for that reason (not really) and many more, reasons that minimalists and simple livers everywhere would understand, I boxed up about 20 books, some of them classics, and I put them in the car to drop off at goodwill or one of those book bins I see about town.

I also decided I no longer “need” my used-alcohol-beverage-container collection.  You have to admit mini Patron bottles are quite cute.  I bagged those up and took them to the trash.

I am thinking I might start collecting books on minimalism… (hahaha…get it? Funny Stuff!)

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  1. reocochran says:

    I have a smaller space but it is full of my favorite things! It is hard now not to keep things which seem valuable. Usually not worth as much as predicted or thought. I lijed getting rid of books and videos. I only have about ten dvd’s now. Smiles Robin 💐


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