Day 881

Yesterday was the day I started this blog but it wasn’t day 1 of my journey to living simply (peace and happiness), technically that started the day I was born.

Then came twists and turns along the way, drama and complicated living to teach me how I didn’t want to be…

But a new beginning started when I found myself divorced at age 49. [No one finds themselves divorced… that happens after a million choices that aren’t important to talk about right now.] And I started to wonder who I am and how I wanted to spend the last half of my life. (It’s possible to live to 100!) And my divorce was final 882 days ago.

Yesterday, on day 881 of my new journey I did three important things. I started a blog, I visited a new Real Food market (Redmond Heritage Farms Market in Orem, Utah) and I started my own compost system for counter and outside bin.

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  1. reocochran says:

    Good luck and best wishes! Let’s stay in touch! Smiles Robin


    1. Absolutely. There is a wonderful supportive online community. Glad I found you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. reocochran says:

        I am glad you did, too. I have family with a wide range of ups and downs. Good to have someone who may understand and I will for you. 🙂


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